FIFA 17 – Guides on Knuckleball Free Kicks

This is my favorite way to take a long free kick. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an opponent try it, and I rarely see it mentioned anywhere.

It gives the keeper problems no matter how far out it’s taken from, as I’ve never seen one caught or even parried effectively.

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The shot will either go in off the keeper, or be blocked but only roll about 5 yards away, leaving an excellent chance at a rebound goal.

To perform it, hold L1, and the direction of the left stick is: backwards (down) and towards the kick taker’s strong foot (so down right for a right footed player.

The power should be around 3/4 or slightly more.

The kick will stay low, and because there’s almost no spin, it will ‘wobble’ unpredictably. if you could trace its path, you’d see a squiggly line when viewed from above.